Friday, January 22, 2010

Kati Cupcake

Kati Cupcake Patterns is giving away a bundle of their new line of fabrics. Go and see their blog:

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kindred Crafts

Thank you for your interest in Kindred Crafts.
Here's a little about how it all started. After completing my graduation from college I needed something to do. I needed to continually accomplish something, and to keep learning. I decided that with my one year old at home that I didn't want to worry about the hassle and expense of babysitters if I got a job. So, I was homebound. We'll after a long night where my mind was running 1,000 miles per hour coming up with ideas for this blog (I felt like I was having a brilliant manic moment, although I am not bi-polar), I concluded that this was the right thing for me. I get to have fun (and relax) doing crafts, and be able to make them for someone else.
I have grown up loving arts and crafts. Ever since I was little, I had always been working on one or more projects. As a girl, every summer I would visit my grandma for a week or two and we would find a new project to do. It'd be my project, but she was there to guide me along or give me some tips as I needed it. Today, I still love all arts and crafts and I love to explore new projects and skills all the time. In the past couple of years I've dabbled into oil painting (which I love, but am not the great at) and submerged myself into scrapbooking.
Another flash back: I remember during one of the times I visited my grandparents, my grandmother and I were walking outside a mall. A woman with a stroller passed by us. Draped across the stroller was one of the quilts that my grandmother had made and donated. There she got to do something that she loved, make something from scratch, and then she got to see it in use. She got to see the love and effort she stitched into the quilt put to life. This is kind of where I got the idea for the name Kindred Crafts.
The love of arts and crafts is something that should be passed on. Parents and grandparents should lovingly teach their children and grandchildren. Every generation should be able to experience this joy and let it become a passion, if they dare.
In this blog, I hope to be able to share with you a bit of my passion. Take a look at the custom creations I have posted and let me know if you have any ideas of something more I can make for you.
Please note, that most of the crafts are to be custom made, which means you choose your colors, size, style, whatever and also that it will take time for your order to arrive at your home as it will need to be made specially just for you (or for whomever you are gifting it to).

Thank you again for visiting Kindred Crafts!
Best wishes!

Danielle Stimpson

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